The Head, The Tail, The Whole Damn Episode: Since next month’s podcast will be released on Halloween itself, we have a segment with tips for Halloween food you can try out and create before the holiday itself. For recipes, go to the ‘Interact’ page on our website. We’d love to have your ideas / recipes; send them and we’ll put them on our site! Aki and Claudia enjoy an extended episode discussion about ‘Sharky Shark’ AND we have some very sad news to report alongside the two awesome Psych-cast-related news items.

Episode 073: The Matrix That Is Santa Barbara | Pineapple Radio

Six Feet Under The Sea: The girls discuss this Shabby episode and in a moment of boredom, poetry starts flowing. Do you want to share your Psykus (yeah, that would be Psych related-Haikus…) with us? Tweet them to @pineapple_radio and we’ll RT them!

Episode 072: The Dinosaur Gets Character Development! - 65 Million Years Off

Episode 071: The Amount of Adorability - Murder?... Anyone?... Anyone?... Bueller?

Episode 069: That's So Trope-y! - Psych, The Musical



This video is a tribute to the amzing show that is Psych!

At some point, this will also be featured on the Pineapple Radio website! Soon. I hope. 

Episode 068: It Could Be Twinkies! - The Break-Up

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