This video is a tribute to the amzing show that is Psych!

At some point, this will also be featured on the Pineapple Radio website! Soon. I hope. 

Episode 068: It Could Be Twinkies! - The Break-Up

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Episode 067: Val Is The King - A Nightmare On State Street

Goodbye Psych Project | Pineapple Radio

As all Psych-O’s know, season 8 is the final season of Psych. Now, we can’t let them go without saying goodbye of course, so Pineapple Radio dedicates this project to having as many fans as possible saying their goodbye and thanks to the cast and crew that has meant so much to them over the years.

Do you want to be part of this as well?

Send us your message for Psych via the form below. Your message can’t be longer than 125 characters (we do not count your name with that). We will turn your message into a graphic like the one above and send a link with all uploaded messages to the Psych cast & crew on March 26th.

You can send in as many messages as you want!

Make sure your messages are in before March 22nd though, or they might not be uploaded on this site on time! Shower the best cast and crew in tv land with your love, and who knows, maybe they’ll thank you with a movie…

Episode 065: Superlactoseral - Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up


I love it when gif sets fuck up on mobile.


I love it when gif sets fuck up on mobile.

Hey Pineapple Listeners!


Ever wanted to name your own Food Truck and/or Podcast Episode? Now is your chance!

Tweet or Message us your Truck names and we’ll pick our favorite to be the name of our next episode!


sometimeswhy replied to your photo “I love it when gif sets fuck up on mobile.”

I bet if Gus was on Hannibal he’d fix everything in like one episode

If by “fix” you mean: Gus would try to eat the food. Shawn would loudly whisper to him what the food is, and then Gus would run away screaming and crying, then yes. Gus would fix everything in one episode.